Unfoldment Of The Great Within

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See a Problem? Unfolding Destiny

Be cheerful and bright under all circumstances and this alone will be worth a king's ransom to you. These qualities alone will bring you in more money every year than most people get by hard work, to say nothing of the joy and cheeriness which this attitude of mind will attract to you. By your brightness, cheerfulness, and optimism, by your appearance and personality, you will create a good impression wherever you go. I mention appearance advisedly, because the face becomes in time an index of the soul. Just as vice becomes deeply marked on the faces of its devotees, so does the face of one whose mind and thoughts are directed into right channels, reflect the calm and peace and courage of the mind within.

As time goes on the face as well as the attitude and carriage of the body alter considerably, and this makes one more attractive; thus do you attract success, because if you attract to yourself people of the right kind. One word of warning and it is this: exercise a wise business prudence. Do not, just because you feel within you the fluttering of a new and wondrous power, rush thoughtlessly into business speculation, which may either ruin you or seriously jeopardize your business.

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Be prudent, be wise, be not carried away by your enthusiasm; instead, go slowly and feel your way, as it were, step by step. Be sure and steady; do not risk failure for the sake of getting on more quickly. Keep your expenditure within your income. Ile is a happy man who spends less than he earns.

The troubles of many families are due to their expenditure being in excess of their income. This leads them into endless difficulties and cares. Success is no success that does not extend to the home.

By scientific right thinking, happiness, peace and harmony can be made to reign supreme where formerly there were misunderstandings, friction, bickerings. Cleanse your own heart and mind by denials, build up your own character by affirmations, calm your own spirit by dwelling in the perfect purity of the transcendental World of Mind, and yon will find, strange though it may seem, that everybody else in your household will get more lovable, and helpful, and restful, in their attitude toward you.

Remember to "reverse" every undesirable thought, suggestion, sight, or impression that comes to you. Deny them each and all in your perfect World of Mind, and affirm their opposite. For instance, two members of your family may be getting angry with one another and the air becomes electric. Immediately raise yourself into your higher World of Mind and say: Perfect man is never angry. He is a perfect mental creature dwelling in the pure atmosphere of the Infinite Mind and can never get angry"; then affirm: "Man is.

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The mistaken idea of the animal mind that, to be happy and successful, one must seize and grab, is entirely false, and leads to bitter. The voice of Wisdom that is heard in the "Silence" tells us that only as we give do we receive. That if we give of our best--our best thoughts, emotions, service, love--then the best will come back to us in the exact proportion, no more, no less.

Again let me emphasize the necessity for "stickability" and perseverance.

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Keep at it, never know failure, let this word be expurged from your vocabulary. It is the man with the greatest staying power who wins through hard times. Again, possess your soul in courage.

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Remember that if you use your inward mental powers aright, and bring your business and your life and your conduct into harmony with the Law, you can never fail. Great are the possibilities of your life, because great, beyond all human ken, is the Infinite Power within you. You have nothing to be afraid of. Big corporations cannot smash you. You fan always beat them by personal service, by individuality and originality. By straight dealing, by integrity, by. When faced by problems, difficulties and perplexities, you can at once raise yourself into your perfect World of Mind, and realize that you, your real self, can never be perplexed, because being one with the Universal Mind all wisdom is yours.

You know that in the "Silence," having hushed the loud voices of the surface, material mind, you can hear the still small voice of intuition, of infinite wisdom. For you, having learnt how to raise yourself above the life of the senses, to the perfect World of Mind, there is wisdom, understanding and illumination; there can be no perplexity or worry, only infinite calm and peace. By being calm and unflurried, by dwelling in an atmosphere of peace, you can preserve your nervous system and your health, tine while your "sharp practice" competitor is tearing his nerves to pieces and breaking down his constitution.

Deny evil constantly, and affirm Infinite Good, deny fear just as frequently and earnestly, and affirm confidence and courage; do this persistently and you will transform your life. Now that you have finished the lessons do not lay them lightly aside, and forget them.

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This Course is not for three months merely, it is for your life. You have gone diligently through the Course and probably think that you have mastered it, but it is highly improbable that you have.

Unfoldment of the Great within: Experienced Thinking for Your Self Development

If you w ill now begin again and start with Lesson 1 and work steadily through the Course you will find fresh light and understanding, and many hidden and deeper meanings, unsuspected before, will come to light. Study the lessons and practice their teachings for the rest of your life. Do not expect immediate results. While pursuing this quest as a farmer in South America, an inner voice said: "To make whole, be whole". He realised that: " In the early chapters there are many moving and beautifully written vignettes of travels in Africa, America, Australia, Peru and elsewhere.

While these are interesting in themselves, they are always judiciously selected to illustrate their effect on the author's inner life. Sometimes they are far from flattering and their inclusion is a testimony to his honesty and humility. Butler has a farmer's love and understanding of the land and he writes of nature with a poetic simplicity that comes from a place of great stillness. His prose has the power to transmit this state of mind to the reader: "I knew heaven this morning, as sun shone over the frosty land.

At first I shared it with a little bird, and then with a puddle, and then with some cattle, steaming softly in the yard below. And then a man came, and he alone of all creation, knew it not". In a less sincere writer the biblical turn of phrase, "knew it not", might sound affected, but in this true and simple vision of a pastoral Eden it strikes an entirely appropriate note. However, Mr. Butler is much more than a nature mystic with literary talent and the core of the book is concerned with transcendent experience - the times when: " All my adventures and so called achievements, the countless thoughts, the good and even wonderful events - all seem as nothing compared to these "moments of truth" which shine out as lamps, guiding me home after long years of exile in a foreign land".

But the journey home is not without its difficulties and for me, at least, Mr. Butler's wise and perceptive account of these obstacles and traps is one of the book's most valuable gifts. His precise and often harrowing descriptions of how the process of spiritual unfoldment involves constant oscillation between profound states of rapture and the pain of estrangement when "normal" consciousness returns, struck a deep chord in me.

Other mystics have of course addressed this theme, but their treatment usually relies heavily on poetic and abstract prose: The "Bride" and "Bridegroom" of St. John of the Cross, or the Sufi aspirant's longing for the elusive "Beloved". The eternal complaint of mystics is the impossibility of framing their profound insights and experiences in a language which has no vocabulary - or even concepts - capable of expressing such rarified perceptions.

Small wonder, then, that so many have resorted to symbolism. Butler is the only mystic I know of who succeeds in describing the roller coaster that is spiritual unfoldment in such concrete and personal language, except perhaps for the neglected early 20th century English writer, Lilian Staveley. In this he has performed a great service to those who experience similar trials and can draw much comfort from the honesty and immediacy of his account. Feeling that the Church of England "did not rise to the spiritual direction my young mind required", his early spiritual experiences resulted in a search that eventually led to the School of Meditation run by disciples of Shantanand Saraswati, Shankaracharya of Northern India.

Paradoxically, the Shankaracharya's teachings had the effect of deepening Mr. After several decades of work, meditation, travel and adventure, Mr. Butler somehow lost his bearings and entered a soul-destroying period of homelessness, spiritual confusion and intense self-loathing. Fearing madness, he fled to the wilderness this is a recurring pattern in his life and ended up working as a cook at a little gas-station in the Mojave Desert, where: "One evening, after work, I walked far away up the side of the valley and, as I remember, sat there on a rock with my head in my hands.

I must have been at about my lowest point. And someone came and stood beside me. Invisible, but absolutely sure.

Christian D Larson, The Great Within Chapter 1-5

I've never doubted it". This was a turning point and things gradually began to improve: "From then on I felt a new sense of safety in Jesus. It seemed highly significant that, although I had not sought in particular for Jesus, He came, as Saviour, to me.

Unfoldment Of The Great Within Unfoldment Of The Great Within
Unfoldment Of The Great Within Unfoldment Of The Great Within
Unfoldment Of The Great Within Unfoldment Of The Great Within
Unfoldment Of The Great Within Unfoldment Of The Great Within
Unfoldment Of The Great Within Unfoldment Of The Great Within
Unfoldment Of The Great Within Unfoldment Of The Great Within
Unfoldment Of The Great Within Unfoldment Of The Great Within
Unfoldment Of The Great Within Unfoldment Of The Great Within
Unfoldment Of The Great Within

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