The Pilgrimage Project-In the Beginning

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Upon first arriving to experience and be an active participant in The Camino Project in a park by the , you find a member of "The Bureau of Transient Affairs," who wears a red hat and looks like a travel agent. She has your passport and will check you in. The charismatic Tour Guide Eric K.

Roberts welcomes everyone and shares the history of Camino de Santiago, the day trek across Spain. His insights prepare the group for travel and set the tone for the day; daily life itself is tourism, now that the grand adventures are over and all the places explored; life has been reduced to two things, business and pleasure; and most Zen-like, you go on a journey in order to find out why you went. Roberts is a vivacious guide, keeping patrons safe by yelling "bike" whenever a cyclist sails past on the , or encouraging folks to yell "buen camino!

As the group journeys, they encounter various actors along the way. One of the joys of this walking performance is the reaction of people just walking by, or sitting as the sojourners walk past followed by a cast member pushing a cart with loudspeakers emitting music or sound effects. This was the only downside, as frequently the volume was so loud I covered my ears. Oftentimes, strangers would watch a particular performance all the way through from the fringes.

Early on the journey, a couple inquired as to what was going on and after learning it was a six-hour artistic experience, and there was unexpectedly extra room, they joined the group. Both expressed delight at the end of the show that they had decided to make the spontaneous decision to embark on this adventure as accidental tourists. While there is no clear narrative, more than 20 cast members weave together various experiences along their Camino journey.


There is adventure, love, even tragedy. They explore what it means to be free, as well as the thresholds and borders that we choose to cross or why we avoid them. Yet it is as much a personal, internal journey as an external one. At one point, Roberts makes an insightful comment that each time you say something bad or good about yourself, you are at war or peace, respectively, with yourself. All the war and all the peace originates in our heads. Many of the performances play with perspective, movement, and the tenuousness of the human body.

The city becomes its own stage, and the experience of movement through it is cinematic. Based on the Romanesque heritage, CrossCulTour embraced further stylistic periods and cultural elements of the regions, established collaboration with marketing partners linked to cultural heritage and promoted cross-sector cooperation. The project documentation brochure, summarizing all activities of the CrossCulTour project in the past three years, is available as e-paper. The workshop was followed by an evening event at the same location.

Starting from the results of the CrossCulTour project, international and national experts in territorial promotion and marketing together with regional and local representatives discussed about strengths and weaknesses as well as perspectives of policies for cultural tourism promotion. Find the report here. The workshop was held in Berlin on 9 June A report written by dwif Consulting summarizes the results of the workshop. Based on the analysis of existing best practice examples, the project partners had contacted suitable companies and institutions to evaluate possibilities and chances for joint marketing.

Central themes were medieval cultural history and symbolism, architecture of Romanesque and Gothic times and their possibilities of marketing in modern cultural tourism. Read the texts of all contribitions in the second online magazine. From 14th to 17th September , 24 participants attended the seminar to learn more about medieval history, alimentation and marketing.

During the practical part the participants cooked medieval meals using authentic techniques. The Summer School was organised by the University of Klagenfurt, all lectures are available as online magazine. The course gave young postgraduates the chance to broaden their horizon in relevant topics related to Romanesque heritage: cultural animation, marketing, networking, tourism, enogastronomy as well as guided visits of the Romanesque churches in the surroundings of Modena were on the agenda. A report summarizes the achievements of the course. In , the Tourism Association of Saxony-Anhalt Germany has supported a series of conferences to encourage volunteering for churches in rural areas.

In a first step, ten volunteers from different villages were selected by a jury. They were honored by the participation in conferences and excursions treating the topics of local history and culture in connection with volunteering. This reward is meant for organizations or generous individuals who would like to make a larger contribution towards this product.

In return they will get their logo or name included one of the pages in the book.

A copy of the book Project Pilgrim 7in x 7in is also included in this reward. Other sizes of bulk orders are available too. Contact me for other quantities. Thank you to all of the organizations who will be supporting, sponsoring, and donating towards Project Pilgrim over the next few months.


Lastly, a huge thank you to Jordon Hon Photography for the video and photos. You can check him out here. Like any project, Project Pilgrim does come with some risks.

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My trip on the Camino has not happened yet and countless things could go wrong while I'm in Europe that are out of my control. I am planning on backing up my photos to my computer, a external hard drive, and Google Drive every few nights to ensure they do not somehow get deleted or stolen! Other than that, I have created a mock up book to prove to you and myself that I can fully design this book and know all the costs involved.

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I do not foresee any other challenges. Simply select this reward on the right and choose which amount you would like to give. You will receive one copy of Project Pilgrim 7in x 7in and three 4x4 prints of your favourite portraits from the Camino You get to pick which. In return they will get their logo or name as well as a description featured on one of the pages in the book.

Kartarpur corridor: The pilgrim’s progress- The New Indian Express

A copy of the book is included in this reward. Bulk Order! As well, three 4x4 prints of your favourite portraits You get to pick which.

To take place between June-August, Note: Restricted to Metro Vancouver only. Mar 1, - Apr 1, 30 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Project Pilgrim. Project Pilgrim is my effort to work towards normalizing mental health. Get The Book Here! Connor McCracken.

Project Pilgrim by Connor McCracken — Kickstarter

Last updated October 18, Share this project. Project Pilgrim Vancouver, Canada Photobooks. Update: Strrreeetch Goal! What Is It? Test photos for Project Pilgrim. This selection was photos were all taken in Vancouver, BC in December, Click here to see more test photos. The French Way of the Camino de Santiago. I will be hiking the Spain portion beginning in St. I will then continue on to Finisterre on the coast of Spain.

Cost breakdown of my trip. A mock up copy of the book Project Pilgrim I made. An inside look at the book Project Pilgrim. An estimate timeline of Project Pilgrim. Sponsors, Supporters, and Donors. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. Support Select this reward.

The Pilgrimage Project-In the Beginning The Pilgrimage Project-In the Beginning
The Pilgrimage Project-In the Beginning The Pilgrimage Project-In the Beginning
The Pilgrimage Project-In the Beginning The Pilgrimage Project-In the Beginning
The Pilgrimage Project-In the Beginning The Pilgrimage Project-In the Beginning
The Pilgrimage Project-In the Beginning The Pilgrimage Project-In the Beginning
The Pilgrimage Project-In the Beginning The Pilgrimage Project-In the Beginning
The Pilgrimage Project-In the Beginning The Pilgrimage Project-In the Beginning
The Pilgrimage Project-In the Beginning The Pilgrimage Project-In the Beginning

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