Sherlock Holmes and the Wayward Wife

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Sherlock Homes and the Wayward Wife

Lycett reveals the evolution of Conan Doyle's nature and ideas against the backdrop of his intense personal life, wider society and the intellectual ferment of his age. The first biographer to gain access to Conan Doyle's newly released personal archive -- which includes correspondence, diaries, original manuscripts and more -- Lycett combines assiduous research with penetrating insight to offer the most comprehensive, lucid and sympathetic portrait yet of Conan Doyle's personal journey from student to doctor, from world-famous author to ardent spiritualist.

Andrew Lycett studied history at Oxford University. After an early career as a foreign correspondent specializing in Africa and the Middle East, he now writes biographies. Comprehensive and authoritative, it is undoubtedly the best account of Doyle to date, and the best we are likely to get. Using previously unseen archives, Lycett gives us Conan Doyle as a late Victorian and definitive Edwardian, battling with the uncertainties of his own age, weary of the uncertainties of the next one.

Lycett's brilliant piece of detective work on the author of the Sherlock Holmes stories now allows us to judge his literary worth against that of his peers and properly to set him in the context of his times The first [biography] to incorporate private family papers that became available only after the death of the author's last surviving offspring We see Conan Doyle's flaws as clearly as his virtues Despite its wealth of detail, the book moves quickly. The most detailed map yet published. By clicking 'Sign me up' I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use.

She apparently fainted at the sight of the blood, and the constable then actually went out to get some brandy to revive her, but she had left before he got back. As Holmes is leaving Lucas's house, he shows the constable a photograph, and he recognizes it as the visitor. Holmes goes to the Hope household and confronts Lady Hilda, accusing her of the theft.

At first, she denies everything, but is forced to admit her wrongdoing under threat of certain scandal. Lucas was blackmailing her with a compromising letter written by Lady Hilda years earlier, and demanded the contents of her husband's dispatch box for the return thereof an unnamed spy within her husband's own office had made Lucas aware of the document. She went to his house to do the business when, as it happens, his wife from Paris showed up and confronted him about his affair, believing that Lady Hilda was his mistress.

Lady Hilda hurriedly left. She returned, however, to fetch the stolen document after her visit to Holmes convinced her that she needed to do this. She hands the document to Holmes. Holmes suggests putting it back in the dispatch box using Lady Hilda's duplicate key.

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They do this, and when Hope arrives back home with the Prime Minister, Holmes pretends to believe that the evidence has convinced him that the document must still be in the box. It is soon found, and Hope rejoices that it was only a mistake. In this way, the lost document is restored without Lady Hilda's part in the affair being revealed—though at the possible price of making her husband look a bit stupid.

The Prime Minister, however, is no fool.

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  7. He can see that there is an underlying story, but Holmes simply responds, "We also have our diplomatic secrets. In "The Yellow Face", Watson simply says that "The affair of the second stain" was a failure "which present[s] the strongest features of interest", although the published version of "The Second Stain" is not a failure.

    See a Problem?

    In "The Naval Treaty", Watson says that this case has "interest of such importance and implicates so many of the first families in the kingdom that for many years it will be impossible to make it public. In My Dear Holmes , a biography of Holmes by Gavin Brend, Brend hypothesises that their mention suggests there could be a second adventure featuring a "second stain". Some scholars have speculated that the "foreign potentate" who wrote the missing letter was Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, whose foreign policy was controversial in Britain.

    Have you not tethered a young kid under a tree, lain above it with your rifle, and waited for the bait to bring up your tiger? This empty house is my tree, and you are my tiger. You have possibly had other guns in reserve in case there should be several tigers, or in the unlikely supposition of your own aim failing you. The parallel is exact.

    Sherlock Holmes Scene "The lady insists"

    Colonel Moran sprang forward with a snarl of rage, but the constables dragged him back. The fury upon his face was terrible to look at. I had imagined you as operating from the street, where my friend, Lestrade and his merry men were awaiting you.

    With that exception, all has gone as I expected. If I am in the hands of the law, let things be done in a legal way. Holmes, before we go? Holmes had picked up the powerful air-gun from the floor, and was examining its mechanism. For years I have been aware of its existence though I have never before had the opportunity of handling it. I commend it very specially to your attention, Lestrade and also the bullets which fit it. Why, of course, the attempted murder of Mr. Sherlock Holmes. I do not propose to appear in the matter at all.

    To you, and to you only, belongs the credit of the remarkable arrest which you have effected.

    Table of Contents

    Yes, Lestrade, I congratulate you! With your usual happy mixture of cunning and audacity, you have got him. And now, Watson, if you can endure the draught from a broken window, I think that half an hour in my study over a cigar may afford you some profitable amusement. Our old chambers had been left unchanged through the supervision of Mycroft Holmes and the immediate care of Mrs. As I entered I saw, it is true, an unwonted tidiness, but the old landmarks were all in their place. There were the chemical corner and the acid-stained, deal-topped table. There upon a shelf was the row of formidable scrap-books and books of reference which many of our fellow-citizens would have been so glad to burn.

    The diagrams, the violin-case, and the pipe-rack—even the Persian slipper which contained the tobacco—all met my eyes as I glanced round me. There were two occupants of the room—one, Mrs. It was a wax-coloured model of my friend, so admirably done that it was a perfect facsimile. You carried the thing out very well. Did you observe where the bullet went? I picked it up from the carpet.

    The Man Who Created Sherlock Holmes

    Here it is! Holmes held it out to me. All right, Mrs. I am much obliged for your assistance. And now, Watson, let me see you in your old seat once more, for there are several points which I should like to discuss with you. He had thrown off the seedy frockcoat, and now he was the Holmes of old in the mouse-coloured dressing-gown which he took from his effigy. He was the best shot in India, and I expect that there are few better in London. Have you heard the name? But, then, if I remember right, you had not heard the name of Professor James Moriarty, who had one of the great brains of the century.

    Just give me down my index of biographies from the shelf. He turned over the pages lazily, leaning back in his chair and blowing great clouds from his cigar. Moran , Sebastian , Colonel. Formerly 1st Bangalore Pioneers. Born London, Son of Sir Augustus Moran, C. Educated Eton and Oxford. Address: Conduit Street. He was always a man of iron nerve, and the story is still told in India how he crawled down a drain after a wounded man-eating tiger.

    There are some trees, Watson, which grow to a certain height, and then suddenly develop some unsightly eccentricity. You will see it often in humans. I have a theory that the individual represents in his development the whole procession of his ancestors, and that such a sudden turn to good or evil stands for some strong influence which came into the line of his pedigree. The person becomes, as it were, the epitome of the history of his own family. Whatever the cause, Colonel Moran began to go wrong.

    The Man Who Created Sherlock Holmes: The Life and Times of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle by Andrew Lycett

    Without any open scandal, he still made India too hot to hold him. He retired, came to London, and again acquired an evil name. It was at this time that he was sought out by Professor Moriarty, to whom for a time he was chief of the staff. Moriarty supplied him liberally with money, and used him only in one or two very high-class jobs, which no ordinary criminal could have undertaken.

    You may have some recollection of the death of Mrs. Stewart, of Lauder, in Well, I am sure Moran was at the bottom of it, but nothing could be proved. So cleverly was the colonel concealed that, even when the Moriarty gang was broken up, we could not incriminate him. You remember at that date, when I called upon you in your rooms, how I put up the shutters for fear of air-guns?

    Sherlock Holmes and the Wayward Wife Sherlock Holmes and the Wayward Wife
    Sherlock Holmes and the Wayward Wife Sherlock Holmes and the Wayward Wife
    Sherlock Holmes and the Wayward Wife Sherlock Holmes and the Wayward Wife
    Sherlock Holmes and the Wayward Wife Sherlock Holmes and the Wayward Wife
    Sherlock Holmes and the Wayward Wife Sherlock Holmes and the Wayward Wife
    Sherlock Holmes and the Wayward Wife Sherlock Holmes and the Wayward Wife
    Sherlock Holmes and the Wayward Wife Sherlock Holmes and the Wayward Wife
    Sherlock Holmes and the Wayward Wife Sherlock Holmes and the Wayward Wife
    Sherlock Holmes and the Wayward Wife

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