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Seeing the war daily on television made Vietnam a condemned charade People just too uncomfortable to honor with a parade Returning warriors with souls burned-out Who'd seen too much, no doubt Waving the flag, all hale to their glory shout Vietnam veterans buried "issues" down extra deep Deep down in the dank where scary demons yet creep Regurgitating violence that plumb our soul's great depths Forevermore haunted by comrades-in-arms' deaths Recurring memories of war's hot fiery breath Is it any wonder, vets now walk Parades are reserved for conquering heroes, glories to flaunt Not for those whom Nam's deep, dank jungles still haunt.

Not for those with compounded fears from a foreign land abused With dread inlaid by vagaries of a non-caring world confused Our fears earned fighting for home, freedom, beloved land Great horrors, our people, did not even try to understand. Beloved countrymen did not, would not, could not hear Would not try their best to comfort a fellow man's harrowing fear By a nation we loved, unceremoniously denied Promises not kept by a country we with all our hearts loved, Bled for Yet Vietnam veterans still dream of the ticker-tape parade Dreams still blow in the wind of a welcome home fusillade For that war of a surety won by the blade Lost only by politician's bumbling charade Our sacrifice in honor deprecated Enslaving promises forever subjugated But never was Gary, who resides in Idaho writes stories he hopes are never forgotten, perhaps compelled by a Vietnamese legend that says, "All poets are full of silver threads that rise inside them as the moon grows large.

I must! I write for my brothers who cannot bear to talk of what they've seen and to educate those who haven't the foggiest idea about the effect that the horrors of war have on boys-next-door.

Charades with Ewan McGregor, Charles Barkley and Jeff Tweedy

Visit Gary Jacobson's site for more information. It is illegal to use this poem without the author's permission. Only the author or a legal representative can grant permission.

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Try a search engine to find the author's contact information for a use permission request or if it is available for public use. Note: Poems authored in the s and s can be used with reference to the author. Search USA Patriotism! Thanksgiving Charades is played just like the traditional game except the clues all have something to do with Thanksgiving. Depending on the number of players you can either divide up into two teams or you can play as one big group.

The object of the game is for the actor, using gestures only, to make the others guess what they are describing without speaking. Cut the Thanksgiving Charades ideas we have provided into strips, fold them, and place them in a container.

The Parade

Split the group into two teams and choose a team and player who will be the actor to give the first clue. Agree on a time limit and set a timer. The actor must pick a clue from the container. The team then can shout out answers until someone guesses correctly. If the opposing team guesses correctly they will receive the point.

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If neither team guesses correctly, no points will be earned, and the game will continue with the next player of the opposing team. If you choose to play as a group instead of teams, choose one person to begin acting out the clue. Play will then continue as above except the group as a whole will have a chance to shout out the answers.

When a person shouts a correct answer before the time is up, that person will become the next actor.

If no one gets the correct answer, the actor will then trade in the clue for a new one and begin again. Play continues until everyone has had a turn or all the clues have been used.

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Remember, there is no speaking when acting out a clue, only hand and body gestures can be used. If you want to throw in a challenge, you can choose to disqualify an actor for talking and automatically give a point to the opposing team. Younger players might not understand what a gesture is, so the following are some suggestions to help everyone understand when playing charades:.

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Poetry Parade and Charades Poetry Parade and Charades
Poetry Parade and Charades Poetry Parade and Charades
Poetry Parade and Charades Poetry Parade and Charades
Poetry Parade and Charades Poetry Parade and Charades
Poetry Parade and Charades Poetry Parade and Charades

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