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Anybody who removes this sarcophagus from its place, his spirit will not receive funerary oferings with other spirits: it is a taboo of Shamash and Ereshkigal! Anyone later who removes my throne from before the shades of the dead, may his spirit receive no bread! Unfortunately, this discovery was made on discovery.

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Curtis et al. New Light on Nimrud: in them. By taking a multidisciplinary approach ex- Proceedings of the Nimrud Conference 11th—13th March Lon- amining the archaeological, skeletal, and textual don, , All rights reserved. DOI: Photo by SSgt Noreen L. During the seal pendant that was likely placed around her neck 9th century BC, Assurnasirpal II — BC moved at the time of her burial. To date, the body of later builders would expand.

Upon fur- gon II — BC , respectively. Within indicating who these people were. Based on available Tomb I, there were two clay coins containing the inscriptional data, all of the bronze coin interments remains of older adult women: one cofer was un- date to the late 9th and 8th c. Tomb II Fig. The contained the remains of two female skeletons placed limited textual information as well as the co-mingled in the same stone sarcophagus. The available data is based on an analysis un- young woman and child. A stone sarcophagus was also who spent ten days in the Iraqi Museum analyzing discovered in Tomb IV, but it too had been looted the bones and doing a complete palaeopathological in antiquity and was empty at the time of excavation study before a rumored ceremonial reburial.

Streck, ed. Plan by author. Figure 4—Chronology Chart by author. There was The chambers were sealed shut by a double stone a shaft with stairs at one end leading into the main door that pivoted on stone rings. Oates and Oates, Nimrud, 81— Coin 2 was placed against the east wall and the door of the tomb, while Coin 3 was placed adjacent to it on the west. According to the published Nimrud Cata- logue by M. Hussein and A. In light of the spectacular nature of the crown, some of the smaller items from this coin such as the stamp seals, cylinder seals, jewelry, and a small juglet featuring narrative relief strips of kings in battle, hunting, and performing rituals, found very little at- tention until recently.

Object is the gold crown, is the gold stamp seal 17 This is the famous crown most associated with the Royal of Queen Hama, is the gold bowl. In sume without question that the seal had belonged to the catalog, they included diagrams with a number this woman would be overly simplistic as such items of artifact locations, though the numbers are diicult need not necessarily be buried with the person whose to read. According to these diagrams, one of these name they bore.

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A stamp neser. Cellerino, E. Foietta, and E. As a result, some bags con- could indicate that he was describing all objects from Tomb III tained the remains of more than one individual. Wicks, Bronze Bathtub Coins, 12— At the time of discovery, the excava- catalogue A full translation can be found in ibid. In resin coating when they were taken out of the ground general, when skeletal remains are found unexpectedly to try to reduce deterioration.

This information helps deter- three tombs and three coins represented by full skel- mine the initial burial placement of the bones within etons, fragmentary skeletons, or in some cases single bones or teeth. The macroscopic conditions were rela- 29 Ibid. Sev- eral previously mentioned discussions state that all of the bronze coins represent secondary depositions of fragmentary skeletons from a number of individuals.

Also, copper coin, or other burial vessel, and moved to the bronze ions are bactericidal meaning they kill micro-organ- coin later. Copper ions are bactericidal, thus they young woman who was approximately 5 feet 2 inches kill micro-organisms which led to better preserva- tall, and who died between the ages of eighteen and tion of this skeleton. Sax and R. Lewis Sr. New York, The an adolescent, and a few wrist bones of another adult that did not cause for this colorization is not discussed. These extra bones will be addressed Ibid. One can thus getting to the skull.


The simplest explanation is of- of jewelry pieces in the coin as corresponding to ten the most logical: it does not make much sense to the body parts where they would have been worn. Schultz, and Sherry Lou MacGregor, have described Additional evidence to support the primary nature the skeletal remains in Coin 2 as those of a young of this burial might be seen in an amulet that was found woman and a child47 because the bag of bones in the in one of the bronze coins outside Tomb III. Like museum storeroom contained the remains of an adult the seal of queen Hama, it shows a woman standing in female and a few bones of a child approximately 6—12 front of a goddess with her hands raised in reverence.

According to and Schultz have stated that there were only a few the photograph label in the catalogue published by fragmentary bones of a child, not an entire skeleton. I do not have an expla- teeth were recorded. Of all teeth were noted for Coin 1, which contained the the bones in an adult skeleton, it seems highly un- remains of at least seven and likely more individual likely that the only extra adult bones in the coin are fetuses, infants, and adolescents.

During excavations, children were documented by the presence of teeth did someone notice her ankle bones were missing and alone, and there were various other teeth and tooth add some, thinking they were hers? Over the course of the ten years that the Misconception 3: the Crown bone bags were in storage, some information was lost on the Head of a Child about their contents.

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When Schultz began his analysis, for example, he discovered an unlabeled bag of bones Various archaeological reports stated that the gold and humus containing the fragmentary remains of a crown in Coin 2 was found on the head of a child,58 female aged 45—50 years at death. The palaeopathology report, on the other Nimrud Tombs.

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If a child had been buried also commented about the crown being too large: see D. Fur- markers were observable nonetheless. Harris lines gradually disappear as individuals get older and new bone cells form, so the fairly young age of death for Hama ofers a unique Back to the Bones: The Life of Young Hama view into her health. All of this suggests that Hama The palaeopathological study of the Nimrud tombs had a diicult episode during her childhood, although contributes invaluable information about Neo- her continued growth beyond the childhood disrup- Assyrian society and lifestyle that would otherwise be tion shows she was able to overcome the disease or unavailable.

The analysis of the skeletal remains shows Hama also sufered chronic sinusitis and had dental that she died at a fairly young age, between 18—20, problems. White and P. White and Folkens, Bone Manual, Whiting, and Kathryn Tubb, C. Roberts and K. According ord 76 and not exceptional in this case, or in ancient to Damerji, several of the items show signs of use, in- life generally.

Medical texts from Mesopotamia have dicating they were not solely produced for her burial. One text instructs and followed by a rushed interment. These would have been in addi- tions stand out in the skeletal record, they may not tion to her own royal items such as the gold crown and have been a major issue in life.

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Un- found related to females. Dental issues, if left untreated, can put as well as the vegetation. Chronic sinusitis was be found right at Nimrud—in the dress of a Neo- likewise probably a common ailment in ancient Mes- Assyrian queen.

Collon, ed. In the photos this woman as Hama depicts a female worshipper, of the seal and the drawing made from the photos, the most likely the queen herself, standing piously before animal much more closely resembles a lion. However, a seated goddess. She is seated on a throne next to in the Nimrud Tomb catalogue, the impression of a recumbent lion with an enlarged scorpion behind the seal looks like it could possibly be a dog with her see Figs. Like Ishtar, Mullissu was drawing casts doubt that the animal depicted is a ca- associated with the lion as her emblematic animal, and nine and I suggest it might be a lion.

I acknowledge she is often depicted seated on a throne or standing that the image has some problems, such as light and next to one, as shown in the Neo-Assyrian rock relief at Maltai Fig. Lanfranchi, et al. June played college football at the University of Michigan, where he switched from cornerback to play safety and wear the 2 jersey that had previously been worn by Heisman Trophy winner, Charles Woodson.

Joann Spurriers Cleansing Journal (2012 Cleansing Journal) Joann Spurriers Cleansing Journal (2012 Cleansing Journal)
Joann Spurriers Cleansing Journal (2012 Cleansing Journal) Joann Spurriers Cleansing Journal (2012 Cleansing Journal)
Joann Spurriers Cleansing Journal (2012 Cleansing Journal) Joann Spurriers Cleansing Journal (2012 Cleansing Journal)
Joann Spurriers Cleansing Journal (2012 Cleansing Journal) Joann Spurriers Cleansing Journal (2012 Cleansing Journal)
Joann Spurriers Cleansing Journal (2012 Cleansing Journal) Joann Spurriers Cleansing Journal (2012 Cleansing Journal)

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