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Scariest part was knowing that once the sun started going down, I HAD to lay low and find a place to crash for the night. Walking the streets of Muskegon after dark is awful. Especially when you're young.

Christian Wade creates an inspirational moment with his first NFL touchdown run

People tried to rob me, take advantage of me, sell me drugs which I took then follow my whereabouts, chase me just for fun. It was awful. I wouldn't even have anything on me except my clothes and someone would come up with a gun or knife and tell me to give them everything I had. One time when I couldn't give a guy anything, he beat the s! Worst time of my life. It does not take much to be a hero.

Each giving up their chances for a medal to help the other, the women were awarded International Fair Play Committee Awards, which has only been given to 17 athletes before them. The Jamaican star -- also recognized as the fastest man alive -- finished up his career with a golden win as the anchor for the Jamaican track and field team in the 4xmeter medley.

16 Inspirational Moments That Give Us Hope

Initially, the drop disqualified the U. The first-ever refugee team made its debut at the Games. On the team, year-old swimmer Yusra Mardini -- who fled Syria in -- showed the world her perseverance. When she fled Syria with her sister in , Mardini -- as one of the strongest swimmers on board -- saved the lives of her fellow refugees on the boat by pushing their flooded and overcrowded dinghy through the Mediterranean Sea.

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    August 18, 7 min read. Now that's a remarkable feet. Next Slide.

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    No other Olympic athlete has even exceeded nine gold medals. Arriving in Rio with gold medals, the country took the games by storm.

    An Ethiopian runner qualified for the steeplechase with just one shoe.

    Of the 1, gold medals, more than half have come from track and field and swimming, reports Reuters. The country erupted in celebration when the Fijian rugby team beat Great Britain with a victory on Friday, Aug. The prime minister of the island even declared Aug. Many Fijians are also pushing to make the English rugby coach of the Fiji team, Ben Ryan, an honorary citizen of the country. Bahamas runner Shaunae Miller beat seven-time medalist U. Giving her the seven-hundredths of a second needed to get the gold, the dive is considered legal, although controversial.

    Here's hoping they can hang on to that spirit for the rest of their lives. Load Comments. She has been waiting years for this moment. This kind of freedom through technology has to be one of the best things about the 21st century. She came home with this!

    But, in the moment, he was overwhelmed in the presence of his heroes. Must have been a heck of a day for those garbage men, too. This was the moment my life changed. You can just imagine how huge it would be to take steps after such a massive spinal surgery.

    What has been the most inspiring moment in your life?

    My son got hit by a car on Tuesday, has punctured lung, lacerated liver, and a fracture on his pelvis. Manages to walk late on Wednesday. At the exact moment the minister said 'you may now kiss the bride,' Matt Kemp hit his th career home run, leading the stadium to shoot fireworks off.

    Inspirational Moment Inspirational Moment
    Inspirational Moment Inspirational Moment
    Inspirational Moment Inspirational Moment
    Inspirational Moment Inspirational Moment
    Inspirational Moment Inspirational Moment
    Inspirational Moment Inspirational Moment

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