Hypnotizing Mrs. Harris (Mind Control BDSM)

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Chronology of Events IV. Why the Charges Against Patty? Cover Story 2. Dummy Fronts 4. Use of Media and Propaganda 5.

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Id- I. The author is a true veteran of Chaos Magic whose influence on the current should not be underestimated. Pat Mills founder of AD. May life bring each of you everything you truly deserve. So mote it be. To Peter J. May you learn how to divine. A little humility can go a long way. Better luck next time in spotting the guilty.

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We all make mistakes. May the world recognize your deeds. Children depend upon people like you, and you FAIL them. With all sincerity;. To Valerie Sinason of The Tavistock Institute, without whose advice and support we might never have survived this far. We are not alone. To Sonia Poulton. If only there were more journalists like you. To my daughter, Rose Ward. May you awaken to the truth and act appropriately. It is the only way you will survive this unharmed. I still love you, and always will. May you put the pieces together and come over to the right side.

I miss you. To Vanessa, the sister I have yet to meet. I hope you read this, and see through all the lies you have been fed about me. May you both be granted full and miraculous recovery.

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To all survivors of abuse. Know that you are stronger than those who harmed you. Be proud, and help one another. May healing laughter be yours.

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This manipulation is imposed without the informed consent of the individual, with the intent of altering the personality and behavior of its initiates. Abusive cults typically set themselves apart through totalitarian and elitist ideology; creating its own values often in deliberate challenge to the morals and ethics of society, as with Satanism and certain Tantric cults, or considering themselves beyond good and evil, as with Chaos magic.

Abusive cults engage in all manner of unethical practices, often as a matter of principle. Abusive cults are often lead by hardened, professional criminals. They may or may not be a paedophile, and they may or may not genuinely hold those beliefs demanded of the cult members- with ritual elements such as Devil worship serving primarily to detract from the credibility of any disclosure, and to control victims through inspiring fear.

Due to the nature of initiatory occult groups, it is also possible for an abusive cult to form and protect itself within the secrecy of a wider group. They are as innocent and unknowing as Catholics attending mass lead by a paedophile bishop; and just as unlikely to believe any disclosures of abuse made against him.

This provides additional credibility in discounting disclosures, serving to protect the hidden abuser even further. What is Ritual Abuse? The information in this chapter may be too upsetting for some people to read. However, it is important for the public to become more informed concerning the reality and extent of ritual abuse. Ritual abuse is an extreme form of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse involving ritual symbolism and behavior, perpetrated against children, adolescents, and adults.

Ritual abuse, as with occult ritual generally, is not necessarily Satanic; although for various reasons- perhaps including simply lack of imagination or originality- much of it is. It is thus the first choice of many criminal youth gangs, or of any cult seeking to entice members with the promise of sexual promiscuity, illicit drugs, moral license, and power.

Ritual abuse rarely consists of a single episode, but will be repeated over an extended period of possibly years or decades. Abusive cults, like most organized paedophile rings or criminal networks, seek to involve themselves in the lives of their victims in every way. The physical aspects of ritual abuse are severe, and may include torture and killing.

It is far worse than the abuse normally inflicted by a paedophile in the context of incest. It may include repeated sexual assaults by men, women, or even other children, often in a group.


It may include forced prostitution and participation in pornography. Since their ritual abuse involved children, any films or photographs may be employed to blackmail. The psychological aspects are severe, causing indescribable mental and emotional suffering, and such terror that disclosure is often extremely difficult even decades afterwards.

Coupled with the fear of being disbelieved, which is itself an additional trauma, many victims may never disclose at all. Additionally, victims may be so traumatized that they dissociate from their experiences; a fact that is capitalized upon by the abusers in the form of mind control; robbing their victim of their own sense of self and free will. Having been broken down in such a fashion, the victim of an abusive cult may be influenced into giving apparent consent; also serving further to protect against disclosure.

During abuse, and for long after it ceases, victims live with fear, dissociation, and the impact of mind control.

Hypnotizing Mrs. Harris (Mind Control BDSM) Hypnotizing Mrs. Harris (Mind Control BDSM)
Hypnotizing Mrs. Harris (Mind Control BDSM) Hypnotizing Mrs. Harris (Mind Control BDSM)
Hypnotizing Mrs. Harris (Mind Control BDSM) Hypnotizing Mrs. Harris (Mind Control BDSM)
Hypnotizing Mrs. Harris (Mind Control BDSM) Hypnotizing Mrs. Harris (Mind Control BDSM)
Hypnotizing Mrs. Harris (Mind Control BDSM) Hypnotizing Mrs. Harris (Mind Control BDSM)

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