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Although he is white, he believes he is the reincarnation of a powerful Native American medicine man. Soon Aidan suspects that Manitou is not the savior he claims to be. The maternity clinic where his sister works recruits surrogate mothers from every race to carry Native American embryos. Schools built by the church nationwide acculturate children into tribal beliefs. And whenever Manitou talks about the Reparation, a ceremony that will cleanse the souls of , congregants, Aidan detects an ominous undercurrent.

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Rayna Driver, a Cherokee woman well versed in the traditions of her own tribe, opens his shuttered heart as she helps him penetrate the Four Quarters. Her knowledge of spiritual energy becomes critical when Aidan finds himself fighting both men and spirits. Aidan has only one weapon, a sacred arrow, with which to stop the massacre. As the ghosts of warriors past chant the sacred Tokala song, he must cross the line that separates him from the minister.

Offered by kekmaw publisher: This is a true crime biography about the serial killer that shot Larry Flynt and many more, Joseph Paul Franklin. Please only request a copy if you are able to leave a review on Amazon.

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Among the annals of American serial killers, few were as complex and prolific as Joseph Paul Franklin. In this true crime story you will learn about how one man turned his hatred into a vocation of murder, which eventually left over twenty people dead across America. But make no mistake about it, by all definitions; Joseph Paul Franklin was a serial killer.

Honest review requested in exchange for a free copy. It's been months since Jenny Chang took over her father's job as supernatural protector. Being the Ghost Protector has already cost Jenny more than she thought she had to lose but now the stakes are higher than ever.

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Something is killing teenagers. Jenny's gotten used to helping spirits but can she help the living? Jenny will have to use all of her new found skills and abilities to face down her toughest foe yet. Please only request a copy of this e-book if you have time to read and review it on Amazon. Pedro Lopez liked hosting tea parties, with corpses as his guests. Daniel Camargo sought out virgins, and took both their virtues and their lives. Luis Garavito became sadistically violent after years of sexual abuse.

A review will be appreciated on Amazon, GoodReads. In the historic Indian town of Agra, you can find a very unusual tour company, which is owned by a charming young man named Raj. Although Raj's official job is to show off the historical landmarks of Agra, including the legendary Taj-Mahal, his true mission is to heal the souls of his broken "birds," as he affectionately refers to his tour participants. His business operates purely upon word-of-mouth referrals, ensuring that all of his tour members arrive in Agra with their hearts in their hands, ready for the spiritual growth and cleansing that Raj is known to provide.

Healing the hearts of the spiritually damaged can be a difficult job, and in this particular tale, Raj finds himself faced with his most challenging tour group yet. First, there is Ira, a stunningly gorgeous but fragile young woman on the brink of suicide.

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Next, we meet Darci and Lennard, a couple on the verge of divorce. Then there is Carl, an irritable, antisocial workaholic who has burned all of his bridges. Lastly, we meet Asha, an elderly widow who still yearns for the company and comfort of her late husband. When disaster strikes the tour group, everything is thrown into jeopardy, including lives, relationships, and Raj's very reputation as a tour guide.

Raj must find a way to lift the spirits of these five special travelers, even in the face of death and despair. Venture into the unknown and discover how Raj Touristry heals the brokenhearted, one soul at a time. Offered by LeaDeLinkley author: Offered by Accord64 author: Winners of my thriller novel will receive a Smashwords coupon to download in an eBook format of their choice.

Sam Maxwell hates his bland, dead-end job at a company that's little more than a labyrinth of cubicles. Seeking a better position, the Blanchard Corporation quickly extends him a surprisingly generous job offer. But something mysterious is lurking beneath the prestigious veneer of this multi-billion dollar technology giant.

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After accepting the offer, Sam's life is surreptitiously evaluated by a board of directors who are anxious to recruit candidates for their clandestine consortium. To those already part of this consortium, it's simply known as The Initiative. To Sam, it's the start of a perilous venture to help protect one of the most closely guarded secrets in modern history. Yet again he has delivered a fantastic thriller complete with great twists.

All in all a fun read. This was my first novel, and as well, the first story I ever wrote. I have no reason to share that, but figured I'd share anyway. Have a fantastic March! Ashton Quinn appears to have it all: But one night he steps outside of his house to find himself 65 years in the past.

Wandering unseen about the familiar property, he observes with both confusion and awe the Haverlane family, and, in particular, the gorgeous but troubled June Haverlane. A Passage Toward Home follows Ashton as he navigates between the present and , discovering eerie similarities, fascinating intrigues, and possibly the answers to some of the conundrums that have begun to emerge in his own life. Dubious at first, she quickly realizes that Ashton is telling the truth, and then helps him decipher many of the reasons for his mystical travels. A humor-laced blend of Nicholas Sparks and Somewhere in Time, this ,word work of romantic literary fiction wraps up convincingly and enticingly as Ashton, along with June, pursues his passage toward home.

Offered by amart author: All readers will receive information on how to download the first book in the series, In Your Dreams, which is available for free on all book-purchasing sites. But when danger comes for them once again, Zip, Kieran, and their families find themselves on separate summer road trips that none of them had anticipated. When all paths converge in North Carolina, the two families are forced to deal with each other and the secrets they've kept out of love and fear. But Kieran is keeping the biggest secret of all from everyone but Zip.

A failed UD run would be very painful - that might make this whole ordeal a bit too harsh.

Downstairs Emyn hits the warrior in front of him, killing him. Also it adds an element of strategy since if the team has a player that is specially comfortable playing a certain "weak" combo, he might take the challenge and net a few extra points for the team. The first RRC game was the noble Rhea, a gray elven merchant girl who closed the gate and saved the world. This is the first of a new series of adventure stories set in the s in the cliffhanger-a-minute style of Indiana Jones, by a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

He then meets up with Isilme, assures her that their quarry is in the inn, and says he will stay and watch while she flies back and gathers the rest of the party. And while Zip and Kieran are grappling with what the new twist in Kieran's sleeping disorder might mean, a mysterious stranger reveals information that could change Kieran's life—or end it. Offered by ZinoviaDushkova author: E-book is available in mobi, epub, and pdf. This inspirational collection of twelve profound parables from Shambhala reveals the greatest ancient truths of the East, which will be helpful to everyone on their path of self-improvement and spiritual growth.

Representatives of different religions, elderly monks and hermits, generously shared secret knowledge with her. In the course of their conversations, they narrated legends and tales originating from the mysterious kingdom of Shambhala.

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  • These experiences served as an inspiration to the author. Thus, in , under the canopy of gigantic deodar cedars on one of the summits of the Himalayas, she started writing down this book of parables. The complex in the simple and the simple in the complex go hand in hand throughout our lives. Each of us is called to understand ourselves in order to understand and love our neighbours.

    For this purpose, the twelve Parables from Shambhala will help us; the Mahatmas, the Great Souls of the East, left them as a heritage to humanity. They conceal the great laws of Existence that the author interpreted through the daily search for vital decisions, which are indeed simple, yet at the same time extraordinarily wise.

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    Read Rise from Darkness and get the tools you need! This bestselling book will help you overcome depression and increase your happiness This self-help book about beating depression is special; it is not written by an academic, but by a person who overcame his own depression by following the techniques in the book. If you struggle with depression, you will be able to identify with the author and the text. Key content - How to improve your mood here and now - Learn to utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to - eliminate negative thought patterns - Techniques from Positive Psychology to help you change focus to the bright spots of your life - Learn mediation and self-hypnosis to work with your subconscious Imagine being Administrator of NASA the day after John F.

    Kennedy promised to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade. It must have seemed overwhelming.

    Catlord Chronicles – Book Tower Master Morlan Catlord Chronicles – Book Tower Master Morlan
    Catlord Chronicles – Book Tower Master Morlan Catlord Chronicles – Book Tower Master Morlan
    Catlord Chronicles – Book Tower Master Morlan Catlord Chronicles – Book Tower Master Morlan
    Catlord Chronicles – Book Tower Master Morlan Catlord Chronicles – Book Tower Master Morlan
    Catlord Chronicles – Book Tower Master Morlan Catlord Chronicles – Book Tower Master Morlan
    Catlord Chronicles – Book Tower Master Morlan Catlord Chronicles – Book Tower Master Morlan
    Catlord Chronicles – Book Tower Master Morlan Catlord Chronicles – Book Tower Master Morlan

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